Life is Meant to be Enjoyable!

- and so is Personal and Spiritual Growth.

Why make it harder than it has to be?


We live in an endlessly expanding universe, and nothing could be more natural than expansion and transformation.


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Trine Lehmann Hansen

The Spiritual Rebel

I'm so glad you found your way here - welcome!

My name is Trine, 

and it's my mission to make

life a playground

- NOT an obstacle course!

  • I believe in a world where we all get to find our unique genius - and have fun expressing it.
  • I believe that every spiritual being deserves to experience life as an adventure. To feel fearless and invincible because the universe is on our side.
  • I believe in the gentle power of tapping into our daring dreams as a way of connecting to the flow and abundance that is absolutely natural to us. 

This all sounds very easy, and it took me more than a decade of stress and depression to get here. I hope that by sharing my methods, I can help you get there a little quicker.

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