As a sensitive person, the world can feel like a tough place.

But you can turn your sensitivity into a superpower!


"In Love With Life"

A 12-Week Immersive Method to Find YOUR Place in Life



Enjoy Life 
Without Giving up Your Sensitivity


In Love With Life

You might feel like a candle

- but you can be a lighthouse!

When we own our sensitivity, we can use it as part of our unique contribution to the world.


When we fall in love with life,

we get to wake up with the feeling of belonging - of being home.

This is when we shine the brightest!



I have created 4 modules to give you every tool you need in this 12-week immersive method.

#1 Discovering

Uncover Your Unique Genius

You have all the answers and everything you need within you already.

Life has been showing you who you are from the day you were born, and it is leading you along the path to where your soul wants you to go.

The first module is a thorough step-by-step process to make sure we uncover all the little nuggets that make you unique.

#2 Designing

Share Your Gifts on Your Terms

Once you have uncovered all the buried treasure - all your unique skills and talents and abilities, it is time to put it all together and design how you want your gifts to brighten up the world.
In this second module you get to dream BIG and get specific. A guided process will give you clarity. Your deepest dream will emerge in full 3D. 

#3 Aligning

Create Supportive Beliefs

When you have fully integrated and owned all your beautiful dreams, it is important to make them strong enough to set them free and let them out into the world.
Gentle but powerful mindset work is the foundation of the third module, and I promise it is going to be enjoyable.

Internal struggle is never the easiest path to alignment.

#4 Living

Enjoy the Life You Came to Live

Having full clarity on what you have always known to be your purpose is beautiful, but you have probably caught glimpses of it before without having the tools to start LIVING your deepest desire. 
The fourth and final module is designed as a roadmap to make sure you have everything you need, so nothing can stop you from living the life you came to live.

This content invites you to go beyond your desires - and dares you to admit the existence of your big bold dreams. 


Trine inspired me in a heartfelt way to allow myself the most beautiful journey; towards embracing my personal dream life - and realizing that all the tools I need are already handy.


No more excuses!

Mariana M


Trine has an incredibly calm and relaxed nature, and her harmonious energy is immediately transmitted. This makes it easy to feel connected and open up. She has the ability to make you ask yourself all the right questions.


Trine  has a unique view and can always give you another perspective.


This helped me a lot when I felt stuck.

Daniel R


Trine has put together a very well thought-out self-development journey. I loved her personal shares relating to her life.


As a coach, I found the content easy to understand, and I can definitely use the tools to take a deeper look.


I had many light-bulb moments. 


Meeghan N

South Africa

What to Expect in the Program?

Your Personal Progress 

is Ensured by Weekly Calls 

and a Kickass Community!

This 12-week program is designed for flexibility as well as immersion:

  • Each week you will get an exercise to do at your convenience.
  • We do a weekly group call, and replays will be made available.
  • The exercise itself can be done in about 20 minutes. You can also choose to go back to it a second time. You will often find that an even deeper layer emerges every time you do the exercises. 
  • A small group size will create a safe and engaged community and each group will have a private group on Facebook to get personalized feedback.
  • Every participant will be offered one-on-one sessions to maximize individual results.



October Bonuses

Sign Up Before November 1st and get:

  1. To join the First Round. This is the first time all the content has been gathered in ONE program, so you get full and undivided attention PLUS you get to join at less than half the normal price.
  2. An extra 1:1 session to be used at any time - even before the program starts, if you want to hit the ground running.
  3. 6 Months Follow-Up: The momentum you build up during the 12-week program will get the best possible support with this 6 Months Follow-Up Bonus. All the materials, the replays and the Facebook group will stay up so we can help you celebrate your wins and offer support on tough days. 

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